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Benefits of Listing Your Law Firm

at The Lawyers Global®

Connecting Law Firms and Clients Worldwide

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Connecting Law Firms and Clients Worldwide since 2017

Full Commitment to Clients and Users

Recognition from our Clients and Worldwide by the Legal Industry

Law firms on our platform witness our total commitment to offering a one-of-kind client service and seriously increasing their chances of connecting with our visitors – their prospective clients.

The recognition that our member law firms obtain plays a huge difference in the prospective client’s decision process.

Law firms that aren’t listed cannot compete with those listed, and the latter are the ones that have a high probability of landing new clients.

Become a Listed Member Law Firm

Benefits of Listing Your Law Firm

By becoming a The Lawyers Global® member, your law firm and business will be remarkably more visible worldwide to prospective clients from any country – companies and individuals.

To become a member, we first must receive and approve your subscription and verify that your law firm meets our requirements to become a listed member. Please be aware that we may not approve your membership subscription, and in this case, you’ll be notified and will not have to pay for a non-approved subscription.

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The Perks You Get

It’s much more than the Awards

Become listed and found in the following directories:

  • City or Cities;
  • Country or Countries;
  • Sub-Region or Sub-Regions;
  • Continent or Continents;
  • Globally;
  • Search Results;
  • Daily Random Firms in our Homepage and Recommended Law Firms page;
  • In our social media pages – Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Become listed and found in our Annual Global Legal Awards’ directories1:

  • Country or Countries’ Awards;
  • Sub-Region or Sub-Regions’ Awards;
  • Continent or Continents’ Awards;
  • Global Awards.

The 2023 Annual Global Legal Awards are open, and you can apply now.

Renewals, Special Offers, and Campaigns

Your law firm will become eligible to benefit from a reduced price when you renew your membership and any special offers or campaigns that might apply to your current membership.

Renewals are neither automatic nor mandatory. One month before the end of the subscription, we will send you an email asking if you want to renew your subscription.

Free updates and full Support

While your firm membership is active, you have free updates to any area or data of your firm’s listing. Note: in 2023, most of these updates will be available for you to update in your Firm Profile Manager Area. Currently, updates must be requested by you emailing us the data and information you need to be updated.

We encourage law firms to have their data up to date, including some of the most important: contacts, practice areas, headcount, and spoken language.

the best platform to the best audience for your brand advertising

Full bespoke firm profile page1

The bespoke profile page, compatible with all devices, includes the following sections:

  • About: with full description about your law firm;
  • Compliance Rating: links to your Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Disclaimers;
  • Ratings & Reviews: displays data concerning number of Locations, Offices, Awards, Revenue (latest data), Brand Ranking;
  • Law Firm’s People (headcount): displays total figures for Partners, Non-Equity Partners, Attorneys, Lawyers, Counsels, Of Counsels, Associates, Fee Earners, Paralegals, Staff Attorney, General Staff, and Others;
  • Spoken Languages: displays all the firm’s spoken languages, including Sign Language if available;
  • Practice Areas: displays the list of all the firm’s Practice Areas;
  • Facts & Figures: displays a list and a chart of the Ratings and Reviews received by your law firm from our users;
  • Headquarter & Contacts. This section includes the following areas:
    • Firm contacts – Address, Phones and Faxes, Emails, linked website;
    • Google Map1 – with precise location.
  • Contact Form1: the contact form allows our visitors to contact your firm directly by emailing their inquiries. This feature is available only for our registered users. It is set with increased security, where you can report a user for spam, scam, or another misuse of the email, which has its Terms & Conditions that the user must accept before submitting the form. For security reasons, sending attachments isn’t allowed.
  • Awards: displays the list of all the firm’s achievements in our Annual Global Legal Awards;
  • Social Media: displays a linked list of the firm’s social media platforms – , LinkedIn, , Instagram, and Pinterest.
View a live example of a full profile page for the Top New York Real Estate law firm Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.

Firm Profile Manager

Your law firm will have a “Firm Profile Manager” user account that can view the profile Statistics, Reviews and Testimonials, Likes and Bookmarks, manage the profile data, and more.

1 Only available on membership plans with the feature active. To view, learn more, and compare each plan’s features, click here or the button below to visit the Membership Plans area.

Compare the Membership Plans

Certificates and Badges

All certificates are bespoke and digitally signed and delivered as a .pdf file in high resolution that is print-ready. These certificates are free and part of each plan. Optionally, a print version can be ordered and sent by air mail. The print certificates are not free, and the request and order must be sent by email.

  • Annual Legal Awards Certificate;
  • Recommended Law Firm Certificate;

All badges are bespoke digital images in five resolutions (including high-resolution versions). The badges are free and part of each plan. The badge packages are sent via WeTransfer. Depending on each plan, there are different badges that we produce and deliver.

  • Annual Legal Awards Badges;
  • Recommended Law Firm Badges;
  • Platinum Member Law Firm Badges;
  • Gold Member Law Firm Badges;
  • Premium Member Law Firm Badges;
  • Listed Law Firm Badges;
The Lawyers Global Annual Legal Awards Certificate
* frame not included
The Lawyers Global Annual Legal Awards Badge
* varies according with the achievement, plan, or award

Flexibility and no upfront payments

Subscribing to a Membership Plan

We offer four Membership Plans from which you can choose, depending on your goals, budget, and features that you feel as a must-have. Basic, Premium, Gold, and Platinum – Recommended Law Firm

We do not request upfront payments to submit your subscription. The membership subscription payment will take place only after approval when you receive your invoice by email or WeTransfer.

Renewals are neither automatic nor mandatory. One month before the end of the subscription, we will send you an email asking if you want to renew your subscription.

If you require additional information about how our Annual Global Legal Awards program works or related information that may help you decide to have your law firm listed, please scroll to the bottom of this page to view some essential articles.

Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.
— Peter F. Drucker

You cannot make progress without making decisions.

Still have doubts or questions?

If, after all the information provided, you still have doubts or questions or it’s still challenging to decide, don’t worry. It’s understandable, but we are here to help and assist you.

Please email us your questions or a request for help filling out the subscription form using our contacts form here.

Click the button below to review the membership plans’ features and prices and start seeing changes immediately.

Review our Membership Plans and Prices

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.— Warren Buffett

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