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Security Policy

The Lawyers Global

Security Policy

Last updated: Wednesday, 27th April 2022 – 12:00:01 am | Revision: 1.0.1

Security Policy

Security Policy

The purpose of this Security Policy is to establish guidelines with respect to communication and updates of The Lawyers Global® public-facing website.

The Lawyers Global

Last update: Wednesday, 27th April 2022 – 12:00:01 am | Revision: 1.0.1
Published by: The Lawyers Global, on Tuesday, 17th August 2021 – 11:18:34 pm


The Lawyers Global® website provides information to members, potential members, and non-members regarding The Lawyers Global®. It is designed to allow members to transact business with The Lawyers Global® and assist non-members with information on how to join The Lawyers Global®. The Lawyers Global® website may provide links to websites, outside its website, that also serve this purpose.


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines with respect to communication and updates of The Lawyers Global® public-facing website. Protecting the information on and within The Lawyers Global® website, with the same safety and confidentiality standards utilized in the transaction of all The Lawyers Global® business, is vital to the success of The Lawyers Global®.


Policy Detail

To be successful, The Lawyers Global® website requires a collaborative, proactive approach by the stakeholders. All stakeholders share the same broad goals and objectives:

  • Support the goals and key initiatives of The Lawyers Global®;
  • Develop content that is member-focused, relevant, and valuable, while ensuring the best possible presentation, navigation, interactivity, and accuracy;
  • Promote a consistent image and identity to enhance marketing effectiveness.
  • Periodically assess the effectiveness of web pages;


The Marketing Department and Chief Experience Officer (CXO) are responsible for the website content and ensuring that materials meet legal and policy requirements.

The IT Department is responsible for the security, functionality, and infrastructure of the website. The System Administrators will monitor The Lawyers Global® website for response time and to resolve any issues encountered. The Core System Analyst will monitor the platform for outages and will open a case with the appropriate vendor to log the event.


The Lawyers Global® is not responsible for and does not endorse, the information on any linked website unless The Lawyers Global® website and/or this policy states otherwise. The following criteria will be used to decide whether to place specific links on The Lawyers Global® website. The Lawyers Global® will place a link on the website if it serves the general purpose of The Lawyers Global® website and provides a benefit to its members.

The Lawyers Global® website will provide links to websites for:

  • Secure member transactions such as bill pay;
  • Secure methods for members to receive information such as monthly statements, or statistical information;
  • Ancillary services that are provided to members through third parties, such as identity theft protection;
  • The Lawyers Global® website contains a web link disclosure;
  • The Lawyers Global® website will not provide links to websites for:
    • Illegal or discriminatory activities;
    • Political organizations or other organizations advocating a political position on an issue;
    • Individual or personal home pages;


When a login is required, various forms of multi-factor authentication are implemented to ensure the privacy of member information and the security of their transactions.

The Lawyers Global® website, as well as linked sites, may read some information from the users’ computers. The website or linked transactional websites may create and place cookies on the user’s computer to ensure the user does not have to answer challenge questions when returning to the site. The multi-factor authentication process will still be required at the next login. This cookie will not contain personally-identifying information and will not compromise the user’s privacy or security.

Financial and Sensitive Data

The Lawyers Global® does not store nor retain any kind of financial data from our Clients and users, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal account data, or any other financial-related information. 

No sensitive data is requested from our users that could be stored in our system, therefore our system does not store or retain any kind of sensitive data, either from Clients or users.

Website Changes

Changes to the website will be executed by The Lawyers Global® Marketing Department, another trained and qualified employee, or a specialized firm or individual they may retain, and only with the explicit approval of the CEO or senior executive designated. Website changes require two parties in order to implement. On an annual basis, The Lawyers Global® website is reviewed by a third-party compliance expert. At the time of any significant changes to the website, a compliance review will be conducted by the Director of Fraud and Compliance, legal counsel, or another reputable 3rd party compliance expert.

Regulatory Compliance

The Lawyers Global® website must comply with all regulations dealing with the security of member information, including, but not limited to:

  • Security Program;
  • Report of Crime and Catastrophic Act;
  • As well as all other regulations, such as disclosure requirements.

At a minimum, the following disclosures will appear on the website:

  • Privacy Policy and Web Privacy Policy;
  • Awards Terms of Service;
  • Terms of Service;
  • Impressum;
  • Overall Disclaimers;
  • Web Links and Content Disclaimers.

Website Design

The Lawyers Global® website maintains a cohesive and professional appearance. While a sophisticated set of services is offered on the website, the goal is to maintain relatively simplistic navigation to ensure ease of use. Security on the website and protection of member information is the highest priority in the layout and functionality of the site.