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Bowmans is a leading law firm in South Africa and on other three African countries. The firm provides specialist legal services for over a century. With six offices in four African countries and over 400 specialised lawyers, the firm is set apart by its independence and the quality of legal services it provides.

The firm draws on its unique knowledge of the African business environment and in-depth understanding of the socio-political climate to advise clients on a wide range of legal issues. It assists Its clients to achieve their objectives—smoothly and efficiently—while minimising the legal and regulatory risks.

Bowmans specializes in the practice areas of Competition, Real Estate, Dispute Resolution, Shipping, Employment and Benefits, Tax, Finance, Governance, Compliance and Investigations, Intellectual Property, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Public Law.

For prices, fees, pricing models, scheduling an appointment, or any other questions, contact Bowmans.

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Total Headcount:  1 (2018)
Partners:  1
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Locations & Jurisdictions

Headquarter & Contacts

Below is Bowmans' headquarter address and contacts. The firm may possibly have more offices in other jurisdictions for which we have no information. Check the firm website for other contacts.

Bowmans headquarter


Southern AfricaAfrica

Phones & Fax
  • +27 21 480 7800

achievements & recognitions

16 Awards

Bowmans' list of Awards & Accolades achieved at The Lawyers Global.

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Year Tier Position (band) Region Awarded by
2023 SHORTLISTED The Lawyers Global®
2022 Winner 1 South Africa (Country) The Lawyers Global®
2022 Winner 1 Southern Africa (Sub-Region) The Lawyers Global®
2022 Outstanding 2 Africa (Continent) The Lawyers Global®
2022 Outstanding 15 Global (Global) The Lawyers Global®
2021 Outstanding 41 Global (Global) The Lawyers Global®
2021 Outstanding 23 Africa (Continent) The Lawyers Global®
2021 Winner 1 Southern Africa (Sub-Region) The Lawyers Global®
2021 Winner 1 South Africa (Country) The Lawyers Global®
2020 Outstanding 10 Africa (Continent) The Lawyers Global®
2020 Shortlisted 41 Africa (Continent) The Lawyers Global®
2020 Outstanding 2 Southern Africa (Sub-Region) The Lawyers Global®
2020 Winner 1 South Africa (Country) The Lawyers Global®
2019 Outstanding 10 Africa (Continent) The Lawyers Global®
2019 Outstanding 4 Southern Africa (Sub-Region) The Lawyers Global®
2019 Winner 1 South Africa (Country) The Lawyers Global®
2018 Winner 1 South Africa (Country) The Lawyers Global®

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