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The Elite Legal Business Industry

We provide simple access to the best worldwide law firms and lawyers both to prospective business or personal clients, and law firms as well as a set of tailored value-services.

we make it simple!

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Audience Facts & Figures

Audience Facts & Figures

On The Lawyers Global, advertisers can achieve exposure among the global legal business industry leaders and their prospective clients.

We focus on a target that is the lawyers and law firms elite, although our visitors originate from diverse business areas.

In our Media Pack, you’ll find all about audience, traffic sources, segments, demographics, advertisement opportunities, prices, and value.

Mainly our audience is comprised of people who are business travelers, with luxury lifestyles, and specific demanding for high-end products and services.

Our readership is the elite of the legal business and their clients! The global best mediums to place your brand in front of the right people.

Top Continents

Top Continents

Top Countries

Top Countries

Top Affinity Categories

Top Affinity Categories

News & Politics/Avid News Readers
Lifestyles & Hobbies/Business Professionals
Shoppers/Value Shoppers
Travel/Travel Buffs
Travel/Business Travelers
Sports & Fitness/Health & Fitness Buffs
Beauty & Wellness/Frequently Visits Salons
Media & Entertainment/Movie Lovers
Shoppers/Luxury Shoppers
Lifestyles & Hobbies/Art & Theater Aficionado

Top In-Market Segments

Top In-Market Segments

Financial Services/Investment Services
Travel/Hotels & Accommodations
Employment/Career Consulting Services
Education/Post-Secondary Education
Travel/Air Travel
Software/Business & Productivity Software
Financial Services/Banking Services
Real Estate/Residential Properties
Business Services/Advertising & Marketing Service


Listed Law Firms




Awarded Firms



Demographics - Age


Demographics - Gender

Who We Are

in brief, we are industry leaders

The Lawyers Global was founded back in April 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal. We have been growing our teams since then and our brand reputation globally.

Today, we are the legal industry reference for the world's best law firms and lawyers in all the seven continents and more than 240 countries.

Positioned on top of the search results at the major search engines like Google and Bing, our visitors can find legal assistance contacts to protect their best and most valuable interests. Be it a large company or an individual, locally or in foreign countries.

Listed law firms and lawyers that are also ranked and awarded by us benefit from the high-value they get from their broad reach on our globally trusted platform.

We preserve our values of independence, transparency, trustworthiness, and outstanding customer service. These are the pillars that have been sustaining our growth and global recognition as leaders.

At The Lawyers Global, we make it simple!

the best platform to the best audience for your brand advertising

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