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Are you still wondering how clients select firms?

Clients around the world now select Recommended firms. They trust us for trusting Your business.


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Legal Excellence Recognition Badge

The sign that guides Clients to your door

Become a Recommended Law Firm

If it Draws Your Attention, it will

Also Draw the Attention of Your Potential Clients.

As a RECOMMENDED LAW FIRM, raise the reputation of your business, the trust of your law firm's services, and the market's global recognition.

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Recommended Law Firms

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Koluman Law
Firm Headquarters
city: Ankara city
Country: Turkey
Continent: Asia

Recommended Law Firm

Recommended in Turkey

Turkey Firms Full List

Al Nesoor Law Firm
Firm Headquarters
city: Baghdad city
Country: Iraq
Continent: Asia

Recommended Law Firm

Recommended in Iraq

Iraq Firms Full List

Abdullah Kh. Al-Ayoub & Associates
Firm Headquarters
city: Kuwait city
Country: Kuwait
Continent: Asia

Recommended Law Firm

Recommended in Kuwait

Kuwait Firms Full List

The Recommended Law Firm program

Become Recommended and raise the reputation of your business and the trust of your law firm's services.

Show up. Get noticed, and get more clients.

Certainly, you have already noticed that nowadays what drives the markets are customers, not companies. Since mid-20th century that the shift from the traditional industry to an economy based on information technology, had an impact on the major aspects of business.

The customer-centric cultural change in the legal industry, is a result of how clients now select lawyers and law firms to take care of their legal matters.

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How clients find you

The process was shortened by the global access to information into three main steps

  1. Search
    Online search tools are usually the first step of the process, where clients have access to the big picture.
  2. Results Perception
    The second step is the perception of what the client finds first. Clients have little time to wander around the web and go into deep searches. They’re looking for the best, the ones on whom they can trust now.
  3. Informed Decision & Action
    The third step is the decision to contact those whose reputation, recognition, and recommendations give clients a superior sense of confidence, meeting their expectations, that are recognized and recommended.

The Membership Benefits

The Recommended Law Firm program

Being recommended by The Lawyers Global® is what has driven our clients to renew their memberships and many more that apply to become recommended by us.

Any law firm can apply to become a Recommended Law Firm, in which the firm has to provide a set of details that will allow us to validate the information to be approved.

Recommended Law Firm Certificate
A4 signed Certificate
Recommended Law Firm Badge
Digital Badge


Bespoke Full Profile Page

The Lawyers Global RECOMMENDED LAW FIRM annual membership program allows law firms to have a bespoke full dedicated profile page on our platform. Click here to view here an example.

  • the firm will appear on top of the respective listings and search results with the mention Recommended Law Firm
  • the firm will automatically be enrolled in all our currently open and future Annual Global Legal Awards for free;
  • Access to the FIrm Management Data area
  • social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) announcement of the new Recommended Law Firm entry in our directories.
Bespoke signed Certificate

The certificate ships in an A4 high-quality paper. It is bespoke with the firm name, award information. (sample image sent upon request).
Price: €170.00
FREE with the annual or biannual subscription (sent by air mail).

Bespoke Digital Badges

The bespoke award badges’ package (images for web and print-ready, that can be used online or on the firm’s printed materials) including the firm name.
Price: €150.00
FREE with the annual or biannual subscription (sent via WeTransfer).

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