2019 Legal Awards

Sub-Regional Awards Results

We are proud to publish today, the results summary for the 2019 Legal AwardsSub-Regional Awards category.

The Lawyers Global Legal Awards, celebrate and recognize the Excellence in Legal Business around the world.

The law firms that, during the course of the year, have performed at higher standards and reached the top levels on several key metrics, won by merit the privilege to have their names on our Awarded Firms curated list.

To view the Award Winners for the other categories, click the links below:
2019 Country Awards, 2019 Continental Awards and 2019 Global Awards.

Congratulations to all the Awarded Firms!

This year, we have more firms making the top, as well as many new firms, from all over the globe. Our directories will be updated soon to include many firms that have not yet seen their names "on our door".

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Awards Team
The Lawyers Global

Awards Trophy, Badges & Certificates

If your firm has been awarded and you dit not receive our notification emails and would like to know more about the 2019 Legal Awards branding opportunities, recognition Certificates and more, click here to contact us.


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