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The 2022 Annual Legal Awards entries are closed.

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Our Annual Global Legal Awards is recognized, all over the world, by law firms and legal industry businesses, as the industry Awards and Rankings System that offers a high level of prestige and global visibility.

At The Lawyers Global®, we deliver the highest standard, reliable, transparent rankings and awards. Our proprietary algorithms and our people’s business knowledge are the support for our worldwide renowned results.

2021 Annual Legal Awards Released

We’ve released the 2021 Annual Legal Awards’s Winners and Outstanding law firms.
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2022 Annual Global Legal Awards Deadlines

  • First phase: Starts January 4th, 2022, to April 15th, 2022
  • Second phase: Starts April 16th, 2022, to may 15th, 2022
  • Last phase: Starts May 16th, 2022, ends August 15th, 2022

The Process Summary

An overview of how the process works

The awards and ranking process is processed based on our internal research, which may include external data sources for specific metrics, and processed through our proprietary algorithms.

Our team then interprets all processed data. Not very common yet, the ranking is adjusted if required. The primary metrics are the law firms’ expertise, brand value, transaction values, deals count, headcount, number of offices, global presence, total partners, revenue, communication, social responsibility, and innovation, among other metrics that are unique to our processes.

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The 2022 Annual Legal Awards entries are closed.

Annual Legal Awards’ Categories

Country, Sub-Regional, Continents & Global

The Annual Legal Awards program has four main categories – Country, Sub-Regional, Continents, and Global. To enter the Country Awards category, each firm must have at least one, or more offices, in that same country. It does not necessarily need to be the firm’s headquarter. The same rule applies to the Sub-Regional, and Continents’ Awards.

The Global Awards is the top category. Here are included the law firms that, globally, have the highest rankings during the year.

Law firms can win awards in multiple categories. It all depends on the rankings achieved at the child category as well as the limit per segment.

It’s then essential that all law firms have their office locations’ information updated. This way, we can include each law firm in its correct and corresponding categories.


The Lawyers Global® Annual Global Legal Awards list is achieved based on the criteria and methodology summarized in the respective section.

The Lawyers Global® reserves the right to remove any law firms that, proving their identity, request the removal of their listing from this listing.

All firm names and logos are trademarks (™) or registered (®) trademarks of their respective holders. Its use does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

The latest total assessed firms were above 29,000. From this total, several firms were very close to the possibility of becoming part of the restricted list of the elite law firms awarded this last edition.

In subsequent years, those firms may enter the list of the best law firms ranked and awarded by us at The Lawyers Global®.

The Lawyers Global® has no direct affiliation and holds shares of any assessed or awarded law firms. It also does not contain content that may present conflicts of interest.

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