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The Lawyers Global Annual Awards 2019

Published by The Lawyers Global — Awards

Global & Country Awards submission information

The 2019 edition of The Lawyers Global Awards is opened for the two main categories – Global Awards and Country Awards.
Please read the guidelines and any pertaining information about the process, before submitting your application, which can be done online or sent by email.

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The Lawyers Global Annual Awards 2019

Global & Country Awards submission information

Release by: The Lawyers Global, 2019-04-17 08:28:38, Lisbon, Portugal
Published by The Lawyers Global — Awards

The Lawyers Global  Annual Awards 2019
The Lawyers Global Annual Awards 2019

The Lawyers Global Awards 2019

The 2019 edition of The Lawyers Global Awards is opened for the three main categories – Global Awards, Continent Awards and Country Awards.

Please read the guidelines below and any pertaining information about the process, before submitting your application, which can be done online or sent by email.

To Start Your Application Now, Click Here



The application form contains fields that allow us to process some data as confidential. The data marked as confidential will never be published unless otherwise requested by the firm and confirmed by us.

We consider confidential data, all information that may be requested and sent by the firms, for assessment and ranking and not for public disclosure.

In order to guarantee that the data sent is correct, as soon as it is submitted, you will receive a copy of the application, in your email address, entered at the top of the form as the “Application Manager/Accountable”. You may request changes in your submitted information until the deadline. After this, no changes will be accepted, except to request confidentiality on certain items.

Fees and Payment

There are two categories or levels of fees as described below:


  • Previously Non-awarded firms: €75.00
  • Applying Offline: additional €100.00 processing fee.
  • 2018 Awarded firms: FREE
  • Late Entries: €225.00


Accepted payment methods are:

  • PayPal account payment
  • Credit or Debit Card via PayPal.
  • Wire transfer

Payment is due after the application is submitted.

We will only start processing applications that have been paid and the payment confirmed.

We will send your invoice as soon as the payment is confirmed and we have the correct required data for billing purposes.


Any application can be withdrawn, upon written request by email, until one week after the applications are submitted.

We will send you a confirmation email that your entry has been accepted and processed. From this point onward, applications are non-refundable.

Rules and Guidelines

Your firm application will be considered if complying with the rules and guidelines for each entry. In case we detect any non-conformity in the application data, you’ll be notified by email, requesting any clarification of the possible non-conformity.


There are two categories – the Global Awards and the Country Awards.

To apply for both categories and/or more than one country, your firm needs to submit the applications separately for each category.

Award Categories

Country Awards

For the Country Awards, if your firm wishes to apply to more than one country, you need to apply for each country separately. This usually happens for firms with offices in different countries.

We will accept entries from every country listed in the application form. The Country Awards entries will automatically be considered also for the respective Continent to which the country is part of (Eg. Germany will also be included in the Europe category).

Global Awards

For the Global Awards, you just need to submit one application for this category and it is independent of any submission to the Country Awards.

We will accept entries for this category, from firms with offices in more than one country. The application has detailed information about the geographical region (continent) as defined by the Global Awards as the six continental regions – Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America and South America.

 By submitting to the Global Awards category, we will consider your firm’s presence in each country which is directly correlated with each region. We have, in this case, two exemplificative scenarios: 

  1. A firm without offices in any Asian country, cannot be considered for the Asia Global Award but will be considered for the specific region(s) and for the Global Award Winner and Global Outstanding Firms.
  2. A firm with offices in more than one country and each country belongs to a different region, will be considered for both regions. Ex. Global Awards – Asia and Global Awards North America. Also, for the Global Award Winner and Global Outstanding Firms.

Continent Awards

The Continent Awards do not require specific or distinct entries. The results for the Continent Awards and rankings are automatically processed through our algorithms, based on the Global and Continent Award's results. Firms do not need to apply for this category

Short-Listed Certificate

By entering the 2019 The Lawyers Global Awards, your firm will immediately receive by mail, our certificate "Short-listed Firm 2019".


All applications, for the Global Awards and Country Awards, must be submitted by the first deadline entry date — 30th of June, 2019.

After the first deadline, we will accept applications until 15th of July 2019.

To save on entry fees, please apply before 1st of July 2019.

The Application Form

The online application form contains all fields required and optional for some entries. Fields marked as required will be highlight and noticeable by a red mark next to the field label.

All fields have hints or instructions to help you while entering your data. The online form will display any warnings for incorrect or incomplete fields before it is submitted. The message ”Thank you! Your application has been successfully submitted.“ is the first confirmation of success that will be followed by the confirmation email.

For the offline application we will send you an Excel file to be filled and returned by email. This file contains the same fields as the online form.

Please note that this offline method has an additional processing fee as described above in “Fees”.

The application will be considered as soon as you receive our confirmation email.

Information Accuracy

All the submitted information must be accurate and we will not be held responsible for any incorrect submitted data. Although, as previously noted, you will have time to request any changes or corrections during the defined timeline.

Results Announcement

The final results will be announced publicly after all firms have been notified.

Firms will be able to request for not be announced, before the Awards magazine goes to production. After this, we cannot remove any firm from the results.


Any queries regarding the process can be addressed by email to Our Awards Team will do everything to reply in due time.


Submit Your Firm's Application Today, Here


Recommended Firms

Although, we will continue accepting applications for Recommended Firms which is a category that is independent of the Annual Awards. The Recommended Firm category is for all firms who wish to submit their firm profile for review and enter the Elite Firms listed at The Lawyers Global website and magazines.

There is no deadline for Recommended Firms and all information and prices will be sent by email upon request.


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