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The 2019 edition of The Lawyers Global Awards is opened for the two main categories – Global Awards and Country Awards.
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How Law Firms may Celebrate the World Environment Day

Get Your Law Firm involved in the World Environment Day celebrations

Release by: The Lawyers Global, 2019-06-03 18:21:22, Lisbon, Portugal
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World Environment Day 2019
World Environment Day 2019

The World Environment Day (WED) is a yearly event held on June 5th to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental actions. WED is run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and is the pinnacle of environmental activities undertaken all year round by the United Nations and other organizations and individuals around the world.

The planet Earth is our global home and we all must make sure that, for us and the generations to come, we are still in time to reduce the risks of environmental disasters, save the planet and its living species.

The Layers Global®

Being a part of the celebrations gives your firm an opportunity to undertake activities to raise awareness, among your firm's staff members, to the importance of making our planet cleaner, greener, and brighter.

Source: United Nations Environment Programme –

2019’s theme is “Take the Mask Challenge”

Nine out of ten people breathe polluted air. From 24 May, through to #WorldEnvironmentDay on June 5, the United Nations Environment Programme will be calling on everyone to join the Mask Challenge. Face masks are a great symbol to show leaders we want to breathe clean air. Alongside celebrities, influencers and creators, the World Environment Day campaign invites everyone to:

  • Use public transport or car sharing, cycle or walk
  • Switch to a hybrid or electric vehicle and request electric taxis
  • Turn off the car engine when stationary
  • Reduce your consumption of meat and dairy to help cut methane emissions
  • Compost organic food items and recycle non-organic trash
  • Switch to high-efficiency home heating systems and equipment
  • Save energy: turn off lights and electronics when not in use 
  • Choose non-toxic paints and furnishings

These are just a few ideas and call–to–action that your firm can embrace and share with all staff. More ideas and information at

Reduce air pollution by using non-polluting transport alternatives
Reduce air pollution by using non-polluting transport alternatives.

Decide what actions your firm can take

But the World Environment Day can be celebrated in many ways, not just the Mask Challenge. Many other activities can be taken in the office and outdoors to show the community how your firm embraces the green movement.

Challenge your staff to collect recyclable items to reduce waste. Post signs around the office letting people know they can drop off materials to be recycled at specific places or chosen locations. Then, take the items to a place where they can be recycled. This will be especially helpful if you collect items that cannot be recycled at the local recycling center.

Among many others—imagination has no limits—you gather groups to plant trees, bring plants inside your office, educate your staff about the importance of recycling. After all, before being legal business people, they are humans and have a great responsibility in the future of our planet for the generations to come.

Take pictures of your staff activities

Share your firm’s staff commitment in your firm website and on all your social media — Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and so on… this will drive others to also embrace the “Go Green” movement.

Spread the word, leading by example. Be proactive and a challenger. Challenge other firms if you feel like so.

The UNEP has a media library with pictures, videos and more, at  that you can use for free.

Share it with us

Send us your firm’s press releases about the World Environment Day activities. We’ll be more than happy to publish them and share it on our social media with your firm information. Sharing is Caring (yes, it’s a cliché) but that’s what creates action.

Use the suggested Hashtags below when you post and let the world know that your firm and your staff Go Green


#WorldEnvironmentDay #WorldEnvironmentDay2019 #GoGreen #BeatAirPolution #earth #nature #SaveOurPlanet #PlasticFree #ProtectWhatYouLove #MaskChallenge #UNEP #connect #AirPolution #EarthDay #SaveTheEarth #LawFirm #Lawyers #SocialResponsibility


 United Nations Environment Programme logos


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