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The Lawyers Global Annual Awards 2019

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Global & Country Awards submission information

The 2019 edition of The Lawyers Global Awards is opened for the two main categories – Global Awards and Country Awards.
Please read the guidelines and any pertaining information about the process, before submitting your application, which can be done online or sent by email.

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On TOP of Google Search results

The Lawyers Global is on TOP of Google Search results in several categories

Release by: The Lawyers Global, 2019-05-31 12:35:57, Lisbon, Portugal
Published by The Lawyers Global — Newsroom

The Lawyers Global on top of Google Search
The Lawyers Global on top of Google Search

Our teams have been working on several improvements—yet with work in progress—and one of our goals was to be able to get on top of Google Search results. This not only would give more exposure to The Lawyers Global but also to all the listed, awarded, ranked and Recommended firms.

The IT and the Marketing Teams worked out on solutions to make this possible and after a couple of weeks, we can now see the effective results by getting TOP ranked in several categories in Google Search results. Some of these categories include searches like "Best Law Firms in 'country/continent'", "Best Lawyers in 'country/continent'", "Law firms in 'country/continent'", "Lawyers in 'country/continent'", "Legal Awards", "Recommended Law Firms" and more!

The Marketing Team has also been active in all our social media—Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest—, publishing about new Recommended Firms, news about the law firms we list and following these firm's news and publishing.

The work in progress, on our system, will be released as it is considered stable and ready. We'll be publishing new releases here and on our social media. Stay tuned!

As a result of this achievement it time to also say – "When we grow, our clients grow with us. When we win, they win with us".

If Your firm isn't listed yet, you may still apply to the 2019 Legal Awards here and/or become a Recommended Firm by contacting us here.

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The Lawyers Global - TLGO - RANKING SERVICES, LDA (The Lawyers Global) is a global legal service ranking company structured as Sole Proprietorship Shareholder Company Ltd.


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On TOP of Google Search results

The Lawyers Global is on TOP of Google Search results in several categories

We’re proud to announce another achieved milestone – The Lawyers Global is on TOP of Google Search in several categories: eg. “Best Law Firms in ‘country/continent’” and many more! Our clients and listed firms are on top of the results and benefiting from this ranking!


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