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The Lawyers Global Annual Awards 2019

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Global & Country Awards submission information

The 2019 edition of The Lawyers Global Awards is opened for the two main categories – Global Awards and Country Awards.
Please read the guidelines and any pertaining information about the process, before submitting your application, which can be done online or sent by email.

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Never Without a Lawyer campaign

Stay informed, stay protected.

Release by: The Lawyers Global, 2019-05-17 20:37:24, Lisbon, Portugal
Published by The Lawyers Global

Never Without a Lawyer campaign
Never Without a Lawyer campaign

“Never Without a Lawyer” campaign

At The Lawyers Global, we’re starting today a global awareness campaign, aimed at citizens, to stress the importance of consulting a Lawyer whenever important decisions need to be made.

If you have to sign an employment contract or other contract, to buy a house, to set up a business, in shares, get married, divorced, plan business expansion or merger, register a patent or trademark, or any other thousand circumstances when prevention and legal support may save you from problems before they happen.

What and Who to look for

It always depends on several factors—your budget, your goals, level of required legal protection or advice and cost-effectiveness. Saving today on budget might result, in the future, in some kind of protection lacking.

Very experienced Lawyers and big Law Firms might bill you higher than some lawyers or firms, but aiming higher or choosing the best for your requirements may help you in better and more effective legal protection. Something you need to reflect. Anyhow…

Never Without a Lawyer

Check our Continent Directories, Global Winners and Country Winners or Recommended firms to save some time searching for the best Lawyers.

The campaign images

The Lawyers Global “Never Without a Lawyer” campaign is complemented with a set of 32 images to be shared in social media, copyright free, by all people interested IN sharing the campaign.

Some Examples

The Lawyers Global "Never Without a Lawyer" campaign
The Lawyers Global "Never Without a Lawyer" campaign
The Lawyers Global "Never Without a Lawyer" campaign
The Lawyers Global "Never Without a Lawyer" campaign

We have made available sets of the campaign images (zipped files) in three different sizes (2490px. 1200px and 800px width) that you can use free and download through the following links: and


At The Lawyers Global, every year we list, rank, award and endorse the best global Law Firms and Lawyers according to our assessment process. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that non-listed firms shouldn’t be considered and consulted.

Many great Lawyers and Law Firms aren't yet in our rankings. However, we’re sure that many, globally, might be your best option as long as you feel that you’ll be legally protected and assisted.

For non-listed Law Firms, to know how to get listed, please contact us here. We’ll help you through this simple process.

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The Lawyers Global - TLGO - RANKING SERVICES, LDA (The Lawyers Global) is a global legal service ranking company structured as Sole Proprietorship Shareholder Company Ltd.


How Law Firms may Celebrate the World Environment Day

Get Your Law Firm involved in the World Environment Day celebrations

Get Your Firm involved! The planet Earth is our global home and we all must make sure that, for us and the generations to come, we are still on time to reduce the risks of environmental disasters, save the planet and its living species.


On TOP of Google Search results

The Lawyers Global is on TOP of Google Search results in several categories

We’re proud to announce another achieved milestone – The Lawyers Global is on TOP of Google Search in several categories: eg. “Best Law Firms in ‘country/continent’” and many more! Our clients and listed firms are on top of the results and benefiting from this ranking!


Never Without a Lawyer campaign

Stay informed, stay protected.

Lawyers don’t exist just to deal or solve problems. Lawyers keep you, and your businesses, away from problems. Always consult a Lawyer when in doubt and for your own legal protection. Take informed decisions to protect your future.


Lawyers and the Burnout Syndrome

How It Can Affect Lawyers?

Demanding workloads, more intricacies, bailable hours, competition, client expectations and above all responsibility of saving the life of an innocent person, all wreak havoc more with the emotional health of criminal lawyers as compared to civil lawyers.


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