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LAFS Legal – Your First Call for Lawyers in Thailand

LAFS Legal – Your First Call for Lawyers in Thailand

LAFS Legal is a boutique law firm in Bangkok with lawyers dedicated to providing elegant, comprehensive, and cost-effective legal solutions to businesses and expatriates in Thailand.

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History of LAFS Legal

– Your First Call for Lawyers in Thailand.


LAFS Legal is a boutique law firm, established as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in 2022,  headquartered in Bangkok, with lawyers dedicated to providing elegant, comprehensive, and cost-effective legal solutions to businesses and expatriates in Thailand.

LAFS was established as a boutique firm by a group of senior legal professionals with decades of combined experience in major Thai and international law firms. The firm's main practice areas are focused on domestic and international private and commercial transactions, matters relating to property and conveyancing, succession and estate planning, litigation and dispute resolution, and contract drafting and negotiation.

The firm works with a range of clients, from publicly traded corporations and medium-sized businesses to private clients, but remains committed to ensuring all clients are afforded precisely the same level of care and attention to detail, irrespective of the value of the claim or “importance” of the matter.

LAFS Legal has found that a clear understanding and effective communication of a client’s specific requirements is critical to a successful relationship going forward, and this is something that the firm works hard to establish very early.

Those relationships lie at the heart of the firm’s approach and have their foundation in a sincere desire to help our clients grow and succeed both personally and professionally. It is the firm's belief, as a group of experienced professionals, that their project will ultimately thrive on the long-term strength of those relationships. Many of LAFS Legal's existing client relationships have been developed over a period of decades through the combination of a genuine understanding of the firm client’s needs, a meticulous level of personal attention and attention to detail, and the confidence and trust of its clients that the firm will always put their interests first.

Co-Founder & Managing Partner – Sirichot Chaiyachot
Sirichot Chaiyachot 1
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

“In an international context, we fully understand the challenges and obstacles that sometimes accompany transacting and doing business in Thailand. At LAFS, we offer a depth of practical experience – the kind that can only be accumulated over many years - which allows us to provide clients with clear commercial advice as to the likely outcome of a given scenario. We ensure that the correct level of experience is brought to bear on a matter, regardless of size or complexity, and focus on finding realistic and cost-effective solutions.”
Sirichot Chaiyachot


In addition, LAFS Legal works collaboratively, both between its core team and its affiliated network of trusted colleagues in other major jurisdictions. There are no rigid hierarchical structures in the LAFS Legal organization, and on the basis that the work is a good fit for the firm's expertise, one or more of the firm's lawyers will always be conducting, or, at minimum, very closely involved in the work, ensuring senior-level availability at all times.

The core team is made up of experts in their particular fields, with proven reputations and significant high-profile law firm experience gained over the course of decades at senior levels. The team members have a demonstrable and exceptional track record of achieving successful outcomes for their clients in a range of sectors and practice areas. The firm uses this accumulated wisdom and experience to develop smarter, innovative ways of working and find new and better ways to solve challenges and meaningfully address the needs of its clients.

Operating in a Crowded and Competitive Space.

As a firm, LAFS Legal is acutely aware that it operates in a crowded and competitive space, serving a client base that is increasingly sensitive to cost. Therefore, the firm established LAFS with a clear goal: to offer clients best-in-class services through a small team of highly skilled lawyers with major law firm experience at very competitive rates. 

The firm achieves this with a lean and scalable business model, one that is focused on the elimination of the kind of bloated overhead and inflexible top-down management models common in legacy firms. The firm believes these models do not best serve the interests of its clients or their businesses. LAFS Legal hybrid approach has enabled the firm to develop strong working partnerships with professionals physically located in major global jurisdictions, and its core team has the stability of decades of experience working together and a proven track record of delivering results for its clients, with whom the firm has developed strong and long-standing relationships.

A start-up is never without its challenges, but the firm was very fortunate to be working from a foundation where it had an established client base with whom it had long-standing relationships. As a law firm, they are very grateful to those clients who continue to place their trust in LAFS Legal as individuals as the firm collectively strives to further expand its client base and practice areas. 

Maintaining a global presence is critical to the ongoing success of the firm's project and ensuring the trust and confidence of its clients, most of whom operate internationally. Being in the space for as long as the firm has means it has had the necessary time to develop not only a local professional network of experienced practitioners but also a network of trusted colleagues with whom the firm regularly partners in several major global jurisdictions, allowing LAFS Legal to deliver a genuine cross-border service to our clients. LAFS Legal's main offices are in the Exchange Tower, at the heart of Bangkok’s main business district. In addition, the firm has network partners who are readily available for consultation in the US, the UK, and Australia. 

Looking Into the Future

Going forward, like any business, the firm does, of course, hope to expand and develop further, but only within the framework of its business model and not at the expense of its core values.
LAFS Legal fully intends to refine and grow its business, but only insofar as it makes sense strategically, is commercially sustainable in the long term, and is commensurate with its underlying philosophy, its core values, and the best interests of its clients.
The firm remains driven by a combination of our prime directive: a commitment to provide the very highest level of expertise at a far more reasonable cost than legacy firms, and its core values, to provide those services ethically, professionally, transparently, and with the utmost integrity.
LAFS Legal office reception
LAFS Legal office meeting with the managing partner Sirichot Chaiyachot (center). Photo: LAFS Legal

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In an international context, we fully understand the challenges and obstacles that sometimes accompany transacting and doing business in Thailand.
—Sirichot Chaiyachot - Co-Founder & Managing Partner.

Sirichot Chaiyachot's profile

Co-Founder & Managing Partner – LAFS Legal 

Sirichot Chaiyachot is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the firm in Bangkok and has over 35 years of practical experience in criminal, commercial, and corporate law.

Sirichot Chaiyachot is a Thai lawyer and licensed notarial services attorney. A former partner and head of the property department at a high-profile international law firm in Bangkok, he has over 14 years of experience in a busy international practice.

His practice focuses primarily on property and conveyancing, succession, and estate planning, as well as corporate and commercial advisory work. He is a skilled advocate, having appeared in all levels of the court in Thailand, and has advised on complex multi-jurisdictional commercial disputes, particularly those involving construction and real property, with proceedings in domestic and international courts and arbitration tribunals.

He has successfully dealt with property transactions with a value in excess of 500 million THB on multiple occasions and has acted for a very significant number of international clients in the distribution of estates, the combined value of which exceeds 1 billion THB.

During his many years of practice, Sirichot has earned his reputation as a trusted expert on the local and international business landscape through his assistance to hundreds of clients in Thailand with their legal concerns.

Contact: view Sirichot Chaiyachot's contact information here.

LAFS Legal office

Location, Website & Contacts

LAFS Legal Office building
LAFS Legal Office building lobby. Photo: LAFS Legal



  • 388 Exchange Tower, 29/F Rm# 2901–2904, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey 10110
  • Bangkok – Thailand

South-eastern Asia – Asia


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Practice Areas & Services

LAFS Legal offers multiple Legal services, providing the highest level of client services regardless of location, focusing on understanding and meeting clients' needs, providing responsive and personalized service, and maintaining client confidentiality.

Legal Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, Employment Law, Matrimonial and Family Law, Property Law, Succession Planning, Successions, and Visa.

"Whatever your legal requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We believe we have earned our reputation for friendliness and approachability, and we sincerely look forward to serving you very soon."—LAFS Legal


Doing business in Thailand

You can trust LAFS Legal to be your trusted legal partner.

We believe we have earned our reputation for friendliness and approachability, and we sincerely look forward to serving you very soon.
—Sirichot Chaiyachot - Co-Founder & Managing Partner.
LAFS Legal
If you're planning or are already doing business activities in Thailand, you can rely on LAFS Legal to provide top-notch legal services that will safeguard your interests and help you navigate the complex legal landscape of the country. 
LAFS Legal has several key attributes that are essential for its success in the legal industry. These include a strong commitment to legal excellence and integrity, the ability to adapt to the changing legal landscape, and a client-centric approach.
With its extensive experience and expertise, the firm's legal professionals can offer you tailored legal advice and representation in various legal matters. So why take any chances with your legal affairs?
You can trust LAFS Legal to be your trusted legal partner in Thailand.

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THE FIRM NAME New York Office Bangkok – Thailand
Bangkok - Thailand. Photo by Jack Krier on Unsplash


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