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Andersen Egypt – Experienced Attorneys, Tax Professionals, & Financial Advisors

Andersen Egypt – Experienced Attorneys, Tax Professionals, & Financial Advisors

Andersen Egypt is one of the oldest firms in Cairo, Egypt, established in 1986 under Maher Milad Iskander & Co., with services spanning across the legal, tax, and financial advisory domains, catering to a diverse client base.

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History of Andersen Egypt

– Experienced Attorneys, Tax Professionals, & Financial Advisors.


Maher Milad Iskander
Maher Milad Iskander 1
Managing Partner, Lawyer

Andersen Egypt is one of the oldest firms in Cairo, Egypt, having been established in 1986 under the name of Maher Milad Iskander & Co.

Since its inception, the firm has been recognized as one of the top law firms in key sectors such as civil, commercial and criminal litigation, national and international arbitration, in addition to being known players in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, structuring, financing and managing deals.

In 2018, the firm became a full member firm of Andersen Global and began offering comprehensive and varied legal and tax services to companies and individuals, in addition to financial advisory services, licensed by the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (License No. 47), through its team of 7 partners and more than 70 of the top lawyers and consultants in Egypt. Andersen Egypt's dedication to excellence has consistently positioned the firm among the top lawyers and law firms in Egypt.

Aside from the provision of legal, tax, and transaction advisory services, the firm also has long-withstanding working relationships with governmental entities and key players within a number of markets, which enable the firm to provide its services seamlessly and quickly to its clients.

“We pride ourselves on presenting exemplary and comprehensive services that are compliant with local laws and regulations , but are also tangibly beneficial to our clients. Our substantial experience in the legal, tax and finance fields allows us to provide advice to our clients that is seasoned with a deep rooted knowledge of the complex Egyptian market, yet presented with the highest level of professionalism”.
Maher Milad Iskander

The firm's services span across the legal, tax, and financial advisory domains, catering to a diverse client base. Andersen Egypt works with a broad spectrum of clients, including individual entities and corporate firms, tailoring our solutions to meet their unique legal and financial needs. This versatility and adaptability have been key factors in our enduring success and reputation in the legal field.

Having a global presence is increasingly crucial in today's interconnected world. It not only helps in attracting potential customers from different regions but also plays a significant role in retaining existing clients who require legal expertise across multiple jurisdictions. Our international network enables us to offer comprehensive, cross-border legal solutions.

How the firm ensures that new clients or projects meet everyone's needs from the start.

Andersen Egypt's approach involves a comprehensive consultation to understand the unique needs and objectives of each client. The firm prioritizes clear communication and setting realistic expectations from the outset. By aligning its strategy with the client's goals, the firm ensures that the outcomes are tailored to their specific requirements.

Business and ongoing strategy – the techniques employed to ensure achievability.

At the core of its business is a commitment to providing top-tier legal, tax, and financial advisory services. The firm's strategy revolves around three key pillars: innovation, client-centricity, and continuous improvement.

Innovation: In an ever-evolving legal landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. The firm invests in cutting-edge legal technology and research to ensures its services are not just current but also forward-thinking. This includes utilizing advanced legal software for case management and research and embracing digital tools for client communication and document management.

Client-Centricity: Understanding and meeting the unique needs of its clients is paramount. The firm adopts a personalized approach, where each client’s specific legal and financial goals drive our strategy. Regular client feedback sessions and tailored service offerings ensure that the firm's solutions are not only effective but also align with its client's evolving needs.

Continuous Improvement: The firm believes in the power of continuous learning and professional development. Regularly conducts internal training sessions, encourages its team to attend relevant workshops and seminars, and foster a culture of knowledge sharing. This approach ensures that the team is not only skilled but also up-to-date with the latest legal trends and regulations.

To ensure the execution of these strategies, the firm employs a variety of techniques:
Regular Performance Reviews: The firm conducts periodic assessments of its processes and client outcomes to identify areas for improvement.
Collaborative Approach: By fostering teamwork, the firm encourages the sharing of diverse perspectives and expertise, which leads to more comprehensive and innovative solutions for its clients.
Client Relationship Management: The firm maintains strong and ongoing relationships with its clients, understanding their industries and anticipating their needs, which helps deliver tailored and proactive advice.
Through these strategies and techniques, the firm aims not just to meet but exceed the expectations of those it serves, thereby reinforcing its position as a leader in the legal, tax, and financial advisory sectors.
Andersen Egypt office reception
Andersen Egypt's office reception. Photo: Andersen Egypt

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Every case is a story; my duty is to ensure justice writes the ending.
—Maher Milad Iskander - Managing Partner.

Maher Milad Iskander's profile

Managing Partner – Andersen Egypt 

Maher Iskander is the Founder and Managing Partner of the firm in Egypt and has over 35 years of practical experience in criminal, commercial, and corporate law.

Maher is widely known and respected by both peers and clients alike as a strong general litigator, one who is capable of defending his clients before all levels of the Egyptian courts, including the Court of Cassation. His experience in criminal law is varied, ranging from bribery, embezzlement, forgery, information technology crimes, commercial fraud and legitimate, competition, antitrust, infringement of intellectual property rights, to professional malpractice and negligence, theft; slander/libel; assault, harassment, and numerous other matters.


  • Egyptian Bar Association
  • American Chamber of Commerce
  • British Egyptian Business Association
  • German Chamber of Commerce


  • Cairo University, Bachelors Degree (Law)
  • Cairo University, Postgraduate Diploma (Criminal Science)
  • Cairo University, Postgraduate Diploma (Public Law)

Contact: view Maher Milad Iskander's contact information here.

Andersen Egypt office

Location, Website & Contacts

Andersen Egypt's office
Andersen Egypt's office entry. Photo: Andersen Egypt

Cairo – Egypt


Northern Africa – Africa


Phones & Fax


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Practice Areas & Services

Andersen Egypt offers multiple Legal, Tax, and Financial Advisory services, providing the highest level of client services regardless of location, focusing on understanding and meeting clients' needs, providing responsive and personalized service, and maintaining client confidentiality.

Legal Services

Mergers and Acquisitions: Andersen Egypt stands as a leading figure in the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) domain, recognised for leading the way in the ever-evolving business landscape of Egypt. The firm's record of seamless M&A transactions underscores its position as one of the premier Mergers and Acquisitions law firms in Egypt. In the M&A domain, a blend of sharp legal acumen, an understanding of industry trends, and sound business strategy is essential.

Arbitration: Andersen Egypt stands distinguished among the leading arbitration law firms in Egypt, delivering unparalleled dispute-resolution expertise on both local and international platforms. Furthermore, Its legacy in the field is illuminated by a consistent record of successful outcomes in multifaceted arbitration matters.

Litigation: Resorting to courts is not the firm's aim in every lawsuit. The firm first seeks to control the dispute and resolve issues rapidly and through the most appropriate means. However, when the matter requires resorting to litigation, the firm invokes its vast practical experience before courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court. Litigation and dispute resolution have been the bedrock of the firm’s legal practice since its founding.

Corporate: At Andersen Egypt, the reputable Corporate Law Department is at the forefront of delivering insightful legal solutions to businesses at every stage of their lifecycle. The firm's team of corporate lawyers in Egypt engage with its clients right from the foundation of companies, legal entities, and associations, providing unwavering legal support from inception to the maturity of the business. The firm plays a significant role in the corporate governance of its clients, advising on a myriad of transactions stemming from their daily operations or strategic partnerships.

Criminal Defense: Andersen Egypt emerges as a beacon of excellence in criminal defense, renowned for delivering exceptional legal counsel amidst the challenging landscape of Egyptian criminal law. The firm's notable track record resonates with its standing as one of the premier firms housing adept criminal defense lawyers in Egypt. Navigating the realm of criminal law demands more than just legal proficiency—it requires a profound grasp of procedural nuances and the dynamics of the Egyptian judicial system.

Intellectual Property: The firm's Intellectual Property practice offers global advice in relation to all intangible assets related to the intellectual and creative activity of human beings, both in the contractual aspect (transfer, assignment, and exploitation of rights) and defense (legal protection, defense against infringements by third parties). The department advises both individuals and corporations using non-material rights.

Maritime Law: Andersen Egypt is a beacon among prominent maritime law firms in Egypt, championing the nuances of Maritime Law on both local and international scales. The firm's expertise in this specialized domain is reflected in its consistent achievements in complex maritime matters. Maritime Law, given the prominence of marine trade routes and Egypt’s strategic maritime location, presents its own set of intricacies. Backed by a team of the most eminent maritime lawyers in Egypt, Andersen Egypt offers a deep understanding of maritime regulations and the challenges unique to the region.

Banking and Finance: The firm's banking and finance practice offers advice on all types of banking and financial transactions, both domestic and cross-border, and in particular, corporate finance, acquisition financing, and real estate and other asset financing, the design and legal structuring of syndicated financing, debt restructuring, project & structured finance, leasing, factoring, confirming, off-balance-sheet transactions, financial guarantees.

Real Estate Law: At Andersen Egypt, its Real Estate Law Department is comprised of professionals from various disciplines, dedicated to providing holistic services in advising on all legal frameworks surrounding real estate investments. The firm's team of real estate lawyers in Egypt stands ready to guide its clients through the complex landscape of real estate law, ensuring their ventures are legally sound, profitable, and protected.

Egyptian Citizenship by Investment: Andersen Egypt offers expert guidance and robust support to clients seeking Egyptian citizenship through investment. The firm's comprehensive services cater to every stage of the process, from the initial investment decision to the achievement of Egyptian citizenship. The firm plays a pivotal role in advising clients on the most beneficial investment options tailored to their personal circumstances and goals. Whether the pathway is through real estate investment, business investment, or the Direct Cash Deposit program, Andersen Egypt ensures that its clients make informed decisions, equipped with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Cybersecurity & Data Protection: Andersen Egypt understands the critical importance of safeguarding data and maintaining the integrity of its clients' information systems. As one of the leading cybersecurity firms in Egypt, its specialized team of cybersecurity experts offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the challenges of the modern digital landscape.

Personal Injury: Andersen Egypt extends its legal expertise to clients grappling with personal injury matters, delivering solutions that are as comprehensive as they are compassionate. Being a distinguished law firm within the Andersen Global network, its services are characterized by a blend of local insight and global perspective. The firm's dedicated team of Personal Injury lawyers in Egypt works tirelessly to ensure that the rights of the injured are staunchly protected and justice is duly served.

Tax and Financial Advisory Services

Andersen Egypt offers multiple Tax Services: International Taxation Services, Direct & Indirect Taxation, Tax Dispute Resolution, Bookkeeping, Transaction Tax, Tax Accounting, and Transfer Pricing.

The firm's Financial Advisory Services are Valuations and Business Modeling (V&BM), Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Transaction Services (TS), Consulting Services, and Financial Institutions Compliance Advisory.


Doing business in Egypt

You can trust Andersen Egypt to be your trusted legal partner.

Understanding and meeting the unique needs of our clients is paramount. We adopt a personalized approach, where each client’s specific legal and financial goals drive our strategy.
—Maher Milad Iskander - Managing Partner.
Andersen Egypt
If you're planning or are already doing business activities in Egypt, you can rely on Andersen Egypt to provide top-notch legal services that will safeguard your interests and help you navigate the complex legal landscape of the country. 
Andersen Egypt has several key attributes that are essential for its success in the legal industry. These include a strong commitment to legal excellence and integrity, the ability to adapt to the changing legal landscape, and a client-centric approach.
With its extensive experience and expertise, the firm's legal professionals can offer you tailored legal advice and representation in a broad range of legal matters, including corporate law, commercial law, labor law, intellectual property law, and more. So why take any chances with your legal affairs?
You can trust Andersen Egypt to be your trusted legal partner in Egypt.

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Andersen Egypt's office Cairo, Egypt
Cairo - Egypt. Photo by Jack Krier on Unsplash


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