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Celebrating the elite law firms' leaders and lawyers around the globe

We give our readers and online users, access to the finest products and experiences, while offering premium advertisers a multi-platform stage for their brands.

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Celebrating the elite law firms' leaders and lawyers around the globe


Definitive guide and ranking of the world’s Elite Lawyers and Law Firms, in 2018 our readership's exceeds half million.

Each year we publish 5 magazines, with over 120 pages each, that by themselves are carefully designed and printed on superior quality and finest paper to meet the demands expected by our elite readership.

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At The Lawyers Global, advertisers get exposure among the global legal business industry leaders. We focus on the elite lawyers and law firms, but our visitors come from the most diverse business areas.

In our Media Pack, you’ll find all about our audience, traffic, segments, advertisement opportunities and prices. Mainly, our audience is composed of people who are business travelers with luxury lifestyles and high demanding quality for high-end products and services.

Our readership is the elite of the legal business and their clients! The global best mediums to place your brand in front of the right people.


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the global legal business leaders

Our readers come to us at every stage of their career to get news and analysis that informs, entertains and inspires.

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