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2019 Annual Legal Awards – Results Announced Today

The 2019 Legal Awards Results & Rankings

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2019 Legal Awards
Results & Rankings

The The Lawyers Global 2019 official Legal Awards results are now online.
200 countries, 23 Sub-Regions, 6 Continents totaling over 1.370 awards and ranked firms globally. Click below to see the awarded Elite firms

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2019 Elite Law Firms in the Spotlight

Daily feature of Awarded & Top Ranked Law Firms, that excelled in the Legal Business.

The Lawyers Global

Saturday 1st February, 2020 02h19


The Lawyers GLobal - TLGO - RANKING SERVICES, LDA (The Lawyers Global) is a global legal service ranking company structured as Sole Proprietorship Shareholder Company Ltd.

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World Environment Day 2019

Monday 3rd June, 2019 18h21

How Law Firms may Celebrate the World Environment Day

Get Your Law Firm involved in the World Environment Day celebrations

Get Your Firm involved! The planet Earth is our global home and we all must make sure that, for us and the generations to come, we are still on time to reduce the risks of environmental disasters, save the planet and its living species.

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The Lawyers Global on top of Google Search

Friday 31st May, 2019 12h35

On TOP of Google Search results

The Lawyers Global is on TOP of Google Search results in several categories

We’re proud to announce another achieved milestone – The Lawyers Global is on TOP of Google Search in several categories: eg. “Best Law Firms in ‘country/continent’” and many more! Our clients and listed firms are on top of the results and benefiting from this ranking!

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The Law, the Global Elite Law Firms and Lawyers by Continent and Country

* 2018 List. 2019 to be released soon.



With its 56 countries and being the world’s second largest continent, law in the African continent combines a series of diverse law systems. From common law, customary law, civil law and religious law it still comprises very particular law systems, uncommon in the so-called developed countries.

Although these systems tend to become less common, especially in non-rural areas, the rich natural resources and growing businesses, call for legal systems that are, in their essence, globally recognized and adapted to our 21st century global society. It’s a difficult continent for law firms to establish new offices in these jurisdictions but in most cases it becomes quite profitable in some key practice areas.



Law in Asia is undergoing rapid change and modernization, especially given the economic growth in China and India. Although the diversity created by the different cultures of its 49 countries, results in some cases, in specific law systems that are inherited from ancient systems and with a strong identity.

Most Asian countries share a substantial heritage with European law, whilst keeping their own distinct identity and with the growing economic and financial status, some of the emerging markets are seen as having the right opportunities for global firms to invest and set offices in several Asian jurisdictions.



Australasia, which includes New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, and Melanesia: Papua New Guinea and neighboring islands north and east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean, is by itself a continent where its law systems are mainly aligned with the Australian law system.

The law of Australia comprises many levels of codified and uncodified forms of law. These include the Australian Constitution, legislation enacted by the Federal Parliament and the parliaments of the States and territories of Australia, regulations promulgated by the Executive, and the common law of Australia arising from the decisions of judges.



Europe, with its 50 countries, encompasses a set of diverse law systems that change fast. Europe saw the birth of both the Roman Empire and the British Empire, which form the basis of the two dominant forms of legal system of private law, civil and common law.

The European Union's Law is based on a codified set of laws, laid down in the Treaties. Law in the EU is however mixed with precedent in case law of the European Court of Justice. In accordance with its history, the interpretation of European law relies less on policy considerations than U.S. law.

North America

North America

The law of North America is diverse and influential. The law of the United States has worldwide renown, in its codified constitution, and bill of rights, while the law of Cuba differs vastly in its regulation of private property.

The first court of justice was established in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada in 1615 by Sir Richard Whitbourne as a court of admiralty at the future site of Trinity, Newfoundland and Labrador

South America

South America

The law of South America is one of the most unified in the world. All countries can be said to follow civil law systems, although recent developments in the law of Brazil suggest a move towards the stare decisis doctrine.

Moreover, all countries have recently signed up to the Union of South American Nations agreement, which aims to establish a system of supra-national law along the lines of the European Union.


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